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About us


Initiative on Flexible Electronics Translational Research, or FlexTR. Flexible electronics have tremendous potential for a wide range of applications, including, but not limited to, health monitors, wearables and consumer electronics. FlexTR is established to support flexible electronics-related research and technology innovations at Stanford University.

Our Mission

One of the primary missions of FlexTR is to introduce funding opportunities to develop translational flexible electronics technologies invented by Stanford researchers and to subsequently accelerate the process of bringing these technologies to market.


FlexTR is advised by a Scientific Committee comprised of faculty members from both Stanford University and Peking University (Beijing, China) with expertise in the field of flexible electronics research, and BICI investors and professionals from industry partners. See here for more information.


We aim to discover inventions with great value to be put to real world applications. Through supporting research developments of innovative technologies in Stanford University, helping forging resources that enable technology transfer from laboratory to marketplace, we look forward to cultivating a collaborative ecosystem to realize the true value of technology innovations to benefit Stanford University, the community, and general public. Examples of desirable outcomes for FlexTR include demonstration of innovative technologies, inventions, patents, licenses, commercial partnerships, start-up companies and follow-on funding targeted toward these same outcomes.

About BICI


Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation (BICI) focuses on collaborative and innovative approaches to help university to bring inventions to market. BICI funds selective translational research at Stanford in the area of flexible electronics, as well as projects in broader areas of engineering, health, energy and environmental innovations. Under a master sponsored research agreement with Stanford University, BICI is funding exploratory and translational research projects. BICI takes additional steps to help the commercialization of funded projects.

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